The dots link to Bing maps that get you in the neighborhood, if not to the exact spot. Submissions include a link to the location the gar were caught (if known). State records are shown with a star.
Yellow Star/Dot = Alligator Gar
Pink Star/Dot = Florida Gar
Red Star/Dot = Longnose Gar
Green Star/Dot = Spotted Gar
Blue Star/Dot = Shortnose Gar

State Records (Rod and Reel):

September 2011, Wisconsin River

Here's a pic of my daughter with a 44" gar on the WI river. Excellent site you have. I'll be sending in many more pics.
Carl N, 09/17/11

May 2010, Mississippi River

I got this fat pig today. Ties my heaviest ever at 17# even though it was only 49". I need to get out there and chase our state record while they're full of eggs I think. This was the earliest we've ever caught gar up here by almost a month. We found some surfacing yesterday while fishing for other fish so today we went after them with cut bait under a bobber. We had maybe 10 other bites and fought and lost 5 or 6 others. One jumped off and appeared to be around the 40-42" mark. Another one got off next to the boat and looked to be around the 45" mark. The water temp just hit 60 here on the Mississippi. My brother had to manhandle it because we didn't bring our salmon net along; we were not expecting them to bite.
Bob R, 05/03/10

Gallery Shots from Wisconsin

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