South Carolina

The dots link to Bing maps that get you in the neighborhood, if not to the exact spot. Submissions include a link to the location the gar were caught (if known). State records are shown with a star.
Yellow Star/Dot = Alligator Gar
Pink Star/Dot = Florida Gar
Red Star/Dot = Longnose Gar
Green Star/Dot = Spotted Gar
Blue Star/Dot = Shortnose Gar

State Records (Rod and Reel):

September 2010, Lake Murray

I went fishing in June at Lake Murray and as soon as I realized there were gar I was intent on catching one. I fished for 14 hours that day with nothing but a couple of bluegill and so that evening, I set a line with some cut darter on the out on the bottom, as far out as I could get it (I had given up on the gar and was trying to get a catfish by that time). About 10:30 PM my drag started going (it was on the lowest setting) and I set the hook right away, thinking it to be a cat. It was pitch black and I was having an epic tug of war with an extremely powerful fish. The owner of the house we were staying at, Joe, got a flashlight so we could see what we were netting. It was a 40" gar, at an estimated 10 lbs. I had gotten my fish, and man, was it a lucky catch! I , as I said before, had set the hook right away, but the hook wasn't in its mouth. It had hooked him just behind the pectoral fin!
Tight lines and screamin' drags,
Tyler G, 09/07/10

June 2010, Santee River

A great spot is located between Wilson Dam and Hwy 52 bridge on the old Santee River. This is a particularly good place to catch gar right now (2010). I have received complaints about gar taking cut bait intended to interest catfish. The upstream reservoir has had a resurgence of longnose gar over the last 10 years. They can be sight fished in the shallows during the warm seasons of the year, starting in April through October.
Scott L, DNR Fisheries Biologist, 06/15/10

May 2010, Lake Hartwell

This is my first time for this type of e-mail but not my last. My son and I fish longnose gar at Lake Hartwell, SC. We use live minnows (medium and large), #4 treble hook, slip string floats 2 1/2 to 4 foot deep, 20lb Big Game line, 3 inch steel leader, 10 foot Bill Dance catfish rods, and Daiwa spinning reels. Here are the pics, the fish 32-34 in. Thanks for the info on the set up and hooks. The site was very helpful. Keep up the good work!
Jimmy and Dakota A, 05/17/10

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