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February 2010, Garman passes GASS!

The Gar that started it all! Garman's First!!!

How can you blame him? Living with GASS for 11 years affects a man in ways ordinary folks can't begin to comprehend. Our beloved founder, Bill, has taken the final solution. No, no - not a lethal dose of Beano. He is retiring from the day to day operations and is passing GASS to me. I (aka BAGman) will now handle the GASS site as well. In retirement, Garman will do what he loves to do best - gar fishing. Bill has done great things with this site and for gar anglers in general. I will carry on the tradition and continue to spread the word that Gar (and Bowfin) are "America's Toughest Sportfish For 100,000,000 Years!©"
If you wish to send a note of thanks to Bill, you can still reach him at garman at Me? I'll be GASSman at or editor at
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