North Dakota

The dots link to Google maps that get you in the neighborhood, if not to the exact spot. Submissions include a link to the location the gar were caught (if known). State records are shown with a star.
Yellow Star/Dot = Alligator Gar
Pink Star/Dot = Florida Gar
Red Star/Dot = Longnose Gar
Green Star/Dot = Spotted Gar
Blue Star/Dot = Shortnose Gar

September 2011, Missouri R, Lincoln

My boy found this fish in a small puddle by his school after the record Missouri River flooding we had this summer. We've had lots of fish in these little leftover flood water puddles, but I'd never seen one like this before. It was only about 6 inches long. This one was already gone to fish heaven but thought I'd take a photo to post on Facebook for answers. I never knew we had Gar in North Dakota. Your map does not show any findings here. I know this is not a sport caught fish so it may not be worthy of posting but thought I would pass it on all the same. The location is about 5 miles south of Bismarck. Thanks for the great website in helping to identify!
Lori T, 09/13/11

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