Maps to Our Catch

So you're wondering "Where can I go to catch one of 'America's Toughest Sportfish For 100,000,000 Years!©'" or better yet "GASSman - you really ought to know about my favorite gar hotspot!"

You are in the right place! Pictures, hotspots, stories, and site specific tips are all grouped by State. These are the catches and places that the GASS members have chosen to share. Some fishermen try to hide their favorite spots or discourage other anglers from visiting these places. We don't mind sharing our spots with other Gar Anglers since it will help to spread the word.

Now the first reaction of uninformed fishermen to your Gar Angling presence may be one of delight, dismay, or even derision, but we encourage you to handle the situation with aplomb. Let them know you aren't alone and where they can find us. An awakening may result - the uninformed become informed.

Don’t wait for me! Now you can post your own pictures on the GASSBAG Message Board. You can post links to your photo sharing site or upload them from your computer. Add your hotspot information too!

Pick a state you're interested in to find State Records, photos of our catch, stories, tips, and local hotspots. If your State is under-represented, then get busy! The "code" by the State name as you mouseover is:

WR = World Record
SR = State Record
P = Pictures
S = Stories/Tips
and the date of the last update to that state (no date = no change since I first posted this - slackers!).

For the geographically challenged:

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