The dots link to Google maps that get you in the neighborhood, if not to the exact spot. Submissions include a link to the location the gar were caught (if known). State records are shown with a star.
Yellow Star/Dot = Alligator Gar
Pink Star/Dot = Florida Gar
Red Star/Dot = Longnose Gar
Green Star/Dot = Spotted Gar
Blue Star/Dot = Shortnose Gar

State Records (Rod and Reel):

October 2011, Lake Pontchartain Canals

Here's A Bing map to where there are TONS of Alligator Gar averaging 40 to 60 pounds...Pics attached.
BrettT, 10/03/11

August 2010, Bayou Dorcheat

Hotspot is..ANYWHERE in Louisiana. This 52" longnose was caught on cutbait fishing on Bayou Dorcheat. I average 10-15 gar per day all 30" or longer . I usually release all gar I catch,but this one was injured during the fight. Actually very good eating, but I hate to kill them. Thanks for all the info...more pictures coming...

60" longnose caught in Lake Bisteneau...not easy taking a picture while fighting a big fish. Caught,measured and released.
Mark B, 08/09/10

May 2010, Castor Creek Spillway

Here are some pictures of some gar we caught. The smaller ones we weighed at 18 and 18-1/2 pounds, the others are bigger, but we didn't have the scales that day. We caught them at Castor Creek Spillway and here is the location.
Jonathan T, 05/05/10

Gallery Shots from Louisiana

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