Gar Guides!

A gar is a unique critter. And so too, are gar guides. Guides that ply the waters for those lesser species like bass, trout, marlin, are as common as black flies. But an angler with the experience to put gar in the boat is a truly rare breed. Here are some we have come across. Do your own research - this is a listing, not an endorsement.


Alligator Gar - Kirkland's Guide Service, TX

Kirkland's Guide Service provides the rare combination of location and experience that will most likely lead you to the gar of a lifetime.

Fully supporting catch and release gar fishing is experienced gar guide Capt. Kirk Kirkland. Kirk fishes the storied waters of the Trinity River and Lake Livingston, but will go anywhere in Texas for monster alligator gar. He has over 15 years of experience fishing for 'gators; the last 10 being exclusively catch and release. As of this writing, Kirk can boast a 100% success rate; no client has gone home without a gar. Kirk also has experience guiding international anglers.
Capt. Kirk Kirkland, Kirkland's Guide Service

Alligator Gar - Dawson Hefner, Texas Megafish Adventures, TX

"Texas is the best place for alligator gar fishing in the world, nowhere else do populations of trophy alligator gar exist which are suitable for fishing. There are several alligator gar guides out there, and I am one of the best. A well seasoned and experienced angler, I am the man to call for an alligator gar fishing trip. If you would like more information about alligator gar fishing in Texas please visit my website for more information."
Texas Megafish Adventures

Alligator Gar - Bubba Bedre, Garzilla Guide Service, TX

I have been guiding for alligator gar for five years. I've got to admit I started out as a bowfishing guide and quickly earned the reputation as the best. I took what I learned from hunting gar, how to find them etc., and now only practice catch and release alligator gar FISHING trips. I support catch and release and protecting the future of alligator gar. I use only the best and my motto is "quality not quantity" I have a 100% success rate on catching alligator gar over 5ft per trip. I will fish from daylight tell dark or longer. Your trip Is "our VACATION". I am asking the Gar Anglers Sporting Society to overlook my past and recognize me as a catch and release guide. Thanks.
Bubba Bedre
Garzilla Guide Service

Alligator Gar - Chris Moody, Gar Fishing Addiction Guide Service, TX

"Welcome to Gar Fishing Addiction. Alligator Gar fishing at it's finest. Let us take you on a trip of a lifetime. Catch an exotic prehistoric fish right here in the Lone Star State."
I just created another web page specifically for gar fishing. It's I have been guiding for years. I have run a Bowfishing guide service for years and also rod and reel trips for gar too. As a matter of fact I taught some of the guides on your page how to do it. Thanks for your help,
Chris Moody
Gar Fishing Addiction

Longnose Gar - 'Garman Jack' Barnett, Lake Lanier, GA

Unfortunately, Garman Jack passed away in December 2011. He will missed.

Longnose Gar - Donnie Hinkle, West Point Lake GA

Schedule A Guide Trip Today For An Experience You Won't Soon Forget!!! Have you ever caught a big Longnose Gar before? If you haven't you are missing out on and outrageously exciting fishing event for sure. Longnose Gar pull like a racehorse with long line stripping runs, they make huge athletic jumps into the air, and guess what, the thrill ain't over until you release it unharmed to fight again. You see, you just never know what they're going to do, either in the water or in your boat!!! It's not for the meek and a challenge of a lifetime for those who are up to it. Send me an email at or call my cell phone at (706) 333-3876 to set a date for a fishing event you won't soon forget!!!
Donnie Hinkle
West Point Lake Gar Grabbers
West Point Lake Gar Guide

Longnose Gar - Drew Price, Lake Champlain, VT

I am a gar addict from Vermont. I fish for and guide for longnose gar on Lake Champlain. As you probably know there is a good population of gar in the lake and I routinely get them to take flies. I even did a show on Vermont Public Television a couple of years ago about it. (Vermont Outdoor Journal should have it back up on their website before too long). This year I became the first person to become a Vermont Master Angler and the fifth fish I entered to get my pin was a longnose gar. The gar had to have a minimum length of 36" and I crushed it with a 46" fish. So far I am the only person to have entered a gar.

I also entered 12 bowfin and was involved in helping catch 9 other Master Class bowfin. Right now bowfin are the most numerous fish entered in the program largely because of me. This is all on fly tackle. Check out my video of this on YouTube. To my knowledge I am the first person to guide for bowfin and gar on the fly in this area (another guide service does guide bowfin on the fly now, but they learned from me!) Please check out my website, My guide service will be on the website shortly and I will also be offering flies to target these and other species for sale.
Thanks a million! Semper lepisosteus!
DrewP, 12/04/10

Tropical Gar - San Carlos Sportfishing, Phillippe Tisseaux

For those who have the opportunity to travel far afield, Phillippe Tisseaux of San Carlos Sportfishing can lead you to massive Tropical Gar in wild and beautiful Costa Rica. Fishing Nicaragua Lake, the Rio Frio, Caño Negro, and the San Juan River, Phillipe averages five gar per outing. The exciting "by-catch" on these outings is often massive tarpon or snook. Gar are caught year round, but fishing seems to be best during the dry season, from January to June. The aggressive tropical gar are more than willing to smash a lure or race off with live bait.

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